How to add jetpack plugin ?

Freyja Theme is compatible with the Jetpack Tiled Galleries and Carousel features, which can help you create easily-made mosaic gallery layouts with a pop-up lightbox carousel.

  • Go to Plugins > Add New on your WP Dashboard.
  • Search for “Jetpack Plugin”, then select Install Now and Activate.
  • Once Jetpack Plugin is active on your site, you need to synchronize it with your WordPress.com website by typing in your Username & Password. Follow the plugin’s prompts to do so. Please note: your WordPress.com login may be different from the WordPress.org login that you use to access your website. If necessary, follow the plugin’s prompts to recover your password or create a new account.
  • Once Jetpack Plugin is active and synchronized, you can navigate to Jetpack > Settings,click on the Appearance Tab, and enable the Carousel and Tiled Galleries features.
  • After enabling the Carousel and Tiled Galleries features, navigate to Settings/Media to adjust your Jetpack media settings.
  • Toggle the Background Color to your choice of white or black.
  • In the Tiled Galleries section, check the box “Display all your gallery pictures in a cool mosaic”.
  • When adding multiple images to a post, you can now Create a Gallery as part of the “Add Media” options. All you need to do is access the Gallery Settings and select “Tiled Mosaic” as Type.
  • This is what your gallery will look like from the back end:
  • And this is what your gallery will look like in the front end (once the post is published):