New “Post Intro”

To recreate the post-intro with Gutenberg, simply activate the paragraph drop cap function and press the “B” button to activate the paragraph in bold Gutenberg is vehemently powerful, we advise you to invest 10 minutes to understand how it works. We assure you that you will save a lot of time and your blog will […]


How to use the adv banner

To activate the custom banner in the previews of the posts as in our demo From the Wp dashboard open your post and at the bottom of the page you will find the ADV banner field In this field, you can insert links to affiliates and custom images using this simple code: PS: in addition […]


Custom Sidebar

CREATE A CUSTOM SIDEBAR One of the features of our Theme is the possibility to add a new or additional custom sidebar, which you will be able to add on different Pages and Posts according to your preference, with no need for external third-party plugins. Let us see how you can create a new sidebar, […]


How to set the MailChimp plugin

Freyja theme uses the MailChimp plugin to create the form Subscribe to my newsletter.



Widgets are one of the most popular functions of WordPress. You can create and manage Widgets in the standard fashion by navigating to Appearance > Widgets, or you can use the Customize Panel on Appearance > Customize > Widgets. On Freyja Theme you can find classic default WP Widgets like Categories, Calendar, Tags, Texts, etc., but [...]

Category page layout

Freyja Theme gives you the option to customize your Category Pages, i.e. those pages that group together all posts belonging to a specific category. Our customizing tools let you decide how to display your posts and allow you add a cover image for the page. CATEGORY PAGE POSTS LAYOUT On your WP Dashboard, navigate to [...]

How to add and set a featured image

A Featured Image is a representative picture for your post displayed in different areas of your website such as homepage, post pages, related post areas, recent post widgets, featured area sliders. How do I assign a Featured Image? To assign a Featured Image to a post, navigate to the create/edit screen of your post. In […]


Instagram widget

In this article, we will explain how to install the Instagram Widget to visualize your most recent photos. You can use this widget in your sidebar or footer. In the new version of freyja 5.0.6 we have replaced the “WP Instagram Widget” plugin with a more updated plugin that requires token code “Instagram Feed” plugin. […]


How to set post page header

Go to > Appearance > Customize >Post Page Header Settings

How to set home page header

How to insert the header background To insert the header background image go to Appearance > Customize > Home Page Header Settings > parallax image upload. The image background is displayed in “cover size”: the image is always centered even when the window size is smaller. We suggest you to resize your image with the size of 1600 [...]