Custom Sidebar

CREATE A CUSTOM SIDEBAR One of the features of our Theme is the possibility to add a new or additional custom sidebar, which you will be able to add on different Pages and Posts according to your preference, with no need for external third-party plugins. Let us see how you can create a new sidebar, […]


How to translate Freyja theme

The default language of our Theme is English, but you can obviously translate it into your favourite language. Even it’s possible to go through each theme file and manually translate all the text elements, we highly recommend using the program Poedit to translate your theme. It’s easy and will save you a lot of time. First, go to WP Dashboard [...]

Speed up your website

Site speed depends on several things in addition to theme (that already coded for extra fast work), like WordPress configuration, Server configuration and quality and Content optimization. We included simple guide how to optimize your website for extra fast work with our theme. Useful advices for site Speed Up: Make sure that you have good [...]

Customize title logo color and size

By default the title and subtitle have the same colors of the body text. If you want change the color of title add this code in the appearance > customize > custom css. #logo h1 a { text-transform: none; font-size: 80px; color: #dadada !important; } #logo h1 a:hover { color: #000 !important; }

How do I change my theme’s fonts?

Changing typography to Freyja Pro theme is super easy! With its font loading system, you can only load the fonts you need. So your site will be lighter and faster. Go to Freyja Panel > Google Font Search for the google font you prefer and add it to your collection. After loading the font, simply […]


Add Child Theme (Advanced Knowledge)

WHAT IS A CHILD THEME? Child themes are like little carbon copies of a WordPress theme, or the parent theme, which share the same functionality. When you create a child theme, you’re making a duplicate of the parent theme’s files. Should you wish to play around with or customize the theme’s code, you can safely [...]