Custom Fonts

In this tutorial we will explain how to upload fonts not included in the google font library. You can upload premium fonts using .css links or by uploading Woff, Woff2, Ttf, Otf formats.

Go to Freyja Panel > Custom Fonts

Let’s start with the tutorial that will explain the use of .css links.

The “Custom Fonts” function of the Freyja theme permits you to link a font URL to the WP customize or Elementor Editor of your WordPress site.

There are many font sites that allow you to have their font via a link, I will give you the tutorial of the most famous adobe fonts

1 – Go to this link and choose the font you prefer

2 – Pressing the icon you see in the screenshot will open this pop-up where you will have to write the name of your project. Example: primary font for my website. Press the create button to proceed

3 – now comes the most interesting part.
You only have to copy the name of the font and the URL of the link and paste it into the items dedicated to the custom font

Look carefully at the screenshot. Enter the exact font name!

Look carefully at the screenshot. Enter the exact font link!

4 – After saving the font you can find it in your typography in appearance > customize > Typography
Select the font name and that’s it

How to upload fonts via Woff, Woff2, Ttf, and Otf file.

Uploading custom fonts via files is very simple.
First press the “ADD NEW CUSTOM FONT” button then proceed as you can see from the screenshot:

1- enter the font name
2 – upload your font file
3 – publish