Demo Import Troubleshooting 2

In this post, we want to suggest you how to solve a possible demo import error (error 500)

This type of error is caused by a low memory setting of your hosting.

To solve it you have to insert these lines of code in your function.php.

Go to Appearance > Theme Editor

Look in the right column for the Function.php file

function ocdi_change_time_of_single_ajax_call() {
return 10;
add_action( 'pt-ocdi/time_for_one_ajax_call', 'ocdi_change_time_of_single_ajax_call' );
add_filter( 'pt-ocdi/regenerate_thumbnails_in_content_import', '__return_false' );

Repeat the process to install the demo you want.

If the import is complete and you used the above solution, please install this plugin: and run it in Tools -> Regen. Thumbnails. This will then create the smaller versions of images, that we skipped in the import.