Home page layout

Once you have correctly installed Freyja Theme and its plugins, you can begin to build your blog starting from the Home Page.

  • On your WP Dashboard, navigate to Appearance > Customize.
  • Click on General Settings.
  • Through the Home Page Layout option, you can now decide how your posts should be displayed on the page. Your options include: Classic Post, Grid Post, First Full Post + Grid, List Post, and First Full Post + Grid List.
  • Choose whether you want to see a Sidebar on your Home Page by checking or unchecking the Disable Homepage Sidebar option.
  • Choose whether you want to use loading animations by checking or unchecking the Enable Loading option (a loading animation is an animated icon that keeps spinning or moving until your page has finished loading).
  • Click on the arrow in the top-left corner to return to the main menu of the Customize Panel, and then click on Header Settings.
  • The first option on the panel lets you pick a Layout for your Home Page Header.

Now you can choose whether to keep customizing your Header (see corresponding section in the guide), or to start creating a Menu for your website.