How to set home page header

How to insert the header background

To insert the header background image go to Appearance > CustomizeHome Page Header Settings > parallax image upload.
The image background is displayed in “cover size”: the image is always centered even when the window size is smaller.
We suggest you to resize your image with the size of 1600 X 900 px 72 dpi ( how to save image for web )

How to insert the image logo

This section will explain how to insert the logo on your site.
First of all, your logo file must be in PNG format (PNG format supports transparency).
go to Appearance > CustomizeHome Page Header Settings

Upload your logo via the upload button (see screenshot).
If you want your logo also appears on the devices Retina-friendly, please note that it must be twice of the normal size (example: if you want to show the logo with 60×60 px, the real size of your logo image must be 120×120 px).

Header image dimensions

The header can change height by the margin of the logo ( See screenshot ).

How to set header background color

go to Appearance > CustomizeHome Page Header Settings ( See screenshot ).