How to update the theme


It’s very simple to update your theme to the latest version! But please before you go ahead be sure to read these 2 recommendation messages below here:

  • Note 1: By default, WordPress should save your content to your database. This is why your content appears on whatever theme you have activated within your WP Dashboard. However, it’s always a good idea to create a database backup before deleting a theme, just in case ?
  • Note 2: If you’ve modified any of the theme files yourself by editing the code, you’ll need to note these changes in order to re-implement them once you’ve installed the latest version of the theme. The update will replace your previous version’s theme files.



If you want to download the latest version available of our Freyja theme you just need to repeat the process you did when downloaded the files from your Marketplace for the first time

We advise you to install this plugin which will allow you to simplify the update process.

After activating the “easy theme and plugin upgrades” plugin

  1. Navigate to Appearance > Themes.
  2. Click “Add New” >  and then hit the “Upload Theme” button.
  3. Navigate to find the “.zip” file on your computer and click “Install Now”
  4. Done, the theme is up to date 🙂

Possible Errors:

Destination Folder Already Exists, WordPress Theme   Install Failed: The Solution

Some buyers asked for help with some errors messages they get like ” WordPress destination folder already exists”, and they get “theme install failed”.

As the error message already appears with some information, the file that you’re installing, such as a theme is already existing, and you can’t add the same file in the same destination.

So, WordPress knows that you have the file, and you can just activate it, or, delete it completely and upload the new one.

Deleting the themes all the post, the images in the library and the panel control settings will be maintained (all this settings reside into database not in the theme)

Delete an existing WordPress theme from WP admin

In the majority of cases, people install a theme, they try it and then they decide to switch to another one for a while. Later, they come back to their first theme idea, and forget that the theme is already there, in their blog files.

Deleting a theme is a simple step, all you have to do is to login to your WordPress admin area. Click “Appearance”, then, “Themes”, and hover over the theme that you want to delete, and you will get a small deletion link, at the bottom right of the pop-up window, exactly like the below short video.

Please note that you can only remove a deactivated theme. So, if you want to delete your actual working theme, then, you need to activate another one, such, the default theme from WordPress.

Delete an existing WordPress theme from FTP / cPANEL

To fix the problem, you have one single solution, it’s to remove your theme or plugin that you want to install. Search in your WordPress directory under “wp-content”, then, find “Themes”, or, “Plugins” folder, depending on your case, and you will find that exact file. Next, delete it from your cPanel or use an FTP, and finally re-upload your file, and the error will disappear.