Manual Demo Import

In case your hosting service does not support the automatic demo import explained in the previous article or if you are encountering an issue with the “One click demo import” plugin, you can read this article to find a solution.

It may happen that your hosting provider has restrictions or blocks that will not allow you to load the necessary files to import the demo correctly. In the 99% of cases, you can solve this problem by opening a ticket of support with your hosting service and ask them to remove these restrictions.

At this link you can download all freyja demo file ( .xlm . dat .we ) Freyja_demo_import.zip

To install the demo manually you need to go to Appearance > Import Demo Data > Switch to Manual Import.

You will need to install the 3 files one at a time.

The process must be repeated by selecting the xml file and then pressing the “continue & Import” button at the bottom.
Same procedure for the other files