Widgets are one of the most popular functions of WordPress. You can create and manage Widgets in the standard fashion by navigating to Appearance > Widgets, or you can use the Customize Panel on Appearance > Customize > Widgets. On Freyja Theme you can find classic default WP Widgets like Categories, Calendar, Tags, Texts, etc., but there are also some custom SPARROW Widgets we made just for this Theme:

  • SPARROW Author
  • SPARROW Advertising
  • SPARROW Full Advertising
  • SPARROW Recent Posts
  • SPARROW Recent Big Posts
  • SPARROW Social
  • Instagram Widget


Let’s see what each of these Widgets can do:


Use this custom widget to create a box displaying information about the Blog Author. You will be able to add a profile picture and a background image, as well as a short bio and social links.

SPARROW Advertising

Use this Custom Widget to advertize a product or another website. All you have to do is write the Title and the correct URL of the source Image and destination Link.

SPARROW Full Advertising

This custom widget has the same function as Indieground Advertising. The difference is that Full Advertising does not have borders, and that it extends to the edges of the sidebar.

SPARROW Recent Posts

This custom widget has the same function as the classic WP one, but features a layout that is more in tune with our Theme design.

SPARROW Recent Big Posts

This custom widget has the same function of the one above described, but with a bigger Featured image size.


A useful custom widget that let you display the icons of the social media links

Instagram Widget

The function of this custom widget is to show your latest Instagram Photos. You just need to insert your Instagram username and choose the number of photos and display size. More information about this widget can be found at the corresponding page in the guide.