How to register your Tuulikki theme

By registering your product, you will get all theme’s features activated and unlimited automatic updates for your theme and plugins straight to your dashboard. To register your theme follow these simple steps: From your WP Dashboard, go to Tuulikki Panel –> Register product Click on the link “This short form”. Compile the form to receive […]


How to install WordPress

This theme requires a working version of WordPress to already be installed on your server. If you need to install WordPress then please visit: If you need any help with the installation, please refer to this guide: Here is a brief step by step on how to install WordPress: Download and unzip the [...]

How to install your Tuulikki theme

Method 1 – WordPress Dashboard The easiest and most common way to install a WordPress Theme is through your WordPress Dashboard. Just follow these simple steps: After purchasing Tuulikki, you will be able to download the zipped theme folder. Unzip this first folder. Within the unzipped theme package, together with the other folders (Demo Import […]


How to download Tuulikki theme from Mojo Marketplace?

Go to your account Mojomarketplace in “My Purchases” In this page, you’ll see all your purchases of Mojomarketplace site. Press the arrow “download” of the product “tuulikki – Blog&Shop WordPress Theme” and click “Main File” from the dropdown menu. The screenshots you see have the image of another our theme, don’t worry the process is [...]

How to install the required plugins

This is the list of the plugins included in Tuulikki Theme, that we recommend you to install and activate: WooCommerce Contact Form 7 MailChimp for WordPress Once Click Demo Import Wp Instagram Widget After installing and activating your Tuulikki theme, it’s time to proceed with the activation of the recommended plugins, already included in the […]


How to update your Tuulikki theme

Recommended Reading: Good things to know before updating Tuulikki Theme. Method 1 (Manual Update) This method is recommended if you are updating your Tuulikki from a version before 5.0.0. If you want to update a version after 5.0.0. please follow “Method 2 (Auto-update)” down below. Download the latest version available of your Tuulikki theme from […]