How to translate Tuulikki theme

The default language of our Theme is English, but you can obviously translate it into your favourite language. Even it’s possible to go through each theme file and manually translate all the text elements, we highly recommend using the program Poedit to translate your theme. It’s easy and will save you a lot of time.

  • First, go to WP Dashboard > Settings > General > Site Language > Select your language > Save.
  • Download & install the Poedit program.
  • Open Poedit and click “Create New Translation”
  • In your theme folder, look for “languages” folder and select “tuulikki.pot” file.
  • Select your language
  • A long list of text elements you may translate will appear in the box labeled “Source Text”. Please note: You may not need to translate all of these elements. Many may be WP notification messages or similar.
  • Select the line within the “Source Text” box that you’d like to translate. When that line is highlighted, go down to the box labeled “Translation”. Here, you can type the direct translation of the “Source Text” in whatever language you’ll be using.
  • Repeat this step for all of the “Source Text” elements you wish to translate.
  • When done, go to “File” and “Save as” within your theme’s “languages” folder.
  • Save the language file i.e: ( it_IT.po )
  • In your language folder, you can find the new .po .mo file in your language
  • Check via WP Dashboard > Settings > General > Site Language > Select your language > Save