How to upgrade ACF Pro plugin

Advanced Custom Fields by Elliot Condon is a required plugin of our Tuulikki Theme.In order to make you save a lot of money for this plugin , we bought an extended license and included it in this theme.
You can still buy your own ACF Pro license and update it instantly.
But that’s not necessary since we’ll include the newest version on Advanced Custom Fields on our new version of the theme every time a new one is released. So dont worry about this!
  • You will display a message that a new version of Advanced Custom Fields is out and it needs to be updated
  • You have to download the new version of the theme from your marketplace and install it (Thake a look “how to upgrade the theme”)
  • After updating the theme,  Click on “Plugins from your WP Dashboard
  • Once you are in the plugin page, identify the red-highlighted Advanced Custom Fields plugin on the list and click “Deactivate”
  • After the page refreshes, delete the Advanced Custom Fields plugin by clicking on “Delete”
  • You’ll display a message asking “Are you sure wish to delete these files?”
  • Confirm by clicking on “Yes, delete these files” (Don’t worry, all the existing ACF data you personally built won’t be deleted, since it’s saved on your database)
  • Once delete the plugin, you’ll display a message on top of your WP Dashboard: “This theme recommends the following plugin Advanced Custom Fields
  • Click on Begin Install Plugin”

if you do not find the message “Begin installing plugin” or by mistake, you have disabled it, you can always install the plugins via Appearance> Install Plugins

  • This will open the “Install Required Plugin” page, displaying Advanced Custom Fields.
  • Select it and click on Install
  • Wait until the installation completes
  • Once the installation is completed, click on “Return to Required Plugin Installer”
  • Re-select again the plugin and then click on Activate
  • You’ll display a message of successful activation!
IMPORTANT: If you see this message
“Download failed. A valid URL was not provided”
means you have to disable child theme before updating ACF Pro plugin
 IMPORTANT: If you followed correctly all the steps but at the end of the process Advanced Custom Fields still don’t result updated to the latest version, it means that our current Theme version doesn’t include the latest version of Advanced Custom Fields, but it will be updated shortly.
And that’s it!