Import Demo

Import demo content

We are proud of this feature because with this option everybody can create a website in 3 steps.

1. Install WordPress Theme

2. Activate Tuulikki WordPress Theme and activate the required plugins.

3. Click on the demo you want to use for installation.

“Import Demo Data” lets you upload pages, posts, images, widgets, and theme settings (colors and layouts) with just 2 clicks!
– Click once to select your preferred demo from the drop-down menu.
– Click once more on the button “Import Demo Data.”
This is the easiest way to set up your theme. It will enable you to make changes quickly and easily, instead of creating contents from scratch.

After importing this demo, you will have to set up the Slide Post and Promo Box separately.
To activate your Slide Post, we recommend reading the tutorial at this link.
To activate your Promo Box, we suggest reading the tutorial at this link.

Remember you can mix any parts of any demo as you want.

Remember that before you can use the “One click Demo Import”  you need to activate the required plugin “One Click Demo Import”.

Go to Appearance > Install Plugins

Follow these steps:

You can see the activated plugin confirmation on Plugins > Installed Plugin ( see screenshot )

You can find more info here Required Plugins.

How to delete the demo content

Once the demo content has been imported one way to remove it is to go through the pages, posts, menu items, and media and remove them from WordPress. You can use the keywords and filters “sparrow snow”, “sparrow”, “snow” to find the demo content more quickly. The content is just regular WordPress content and once imported, it acts just like something you would have added manually.

Another more radical way is to use the “WP Reset plugin” and going to Dashboard > Tools > Reset to make a complete database “Reset”. We don’t recommend you to use this system if there is previous content that you want to keep because it is to going to erase all of your content from the website. It’s the same thing as deleting the database and having WordPress create a new one.