Instagram widget

In this article, we will explain how to install the Instagram Widget to visualize your most recent photos. You can use this widget in your sidebar or footer.

In the new version of freyja 5.0.6 we have replaced the “WP Instagram Widget” plugin with a more updated plugin that requires token code “Instagram Feed” plugin.

Instagram from 2019 requires this type of access that the previous plugin could not give.

These are the new steps to set up the instagram feed:

First, make sure you have correctly installed and activated the “Instagram Feed” plugin. For further information, check the Required Plugins guide.

Once you have activated the plugin, go to Instagram Feed > Configure on your WP Dashboard. Press the “Connect an Instagram Account” button (remember to be logged in to your IG account from the browser you are using)

Once you have activated the plugin, go to Appearance > Widgets on your WP Dashboard.

Find SPARROW Instagram Feed and drag it into the Instagram Footer column or into the Blog Sidebar, depending on where you would like to see it on your website.

Select a title for your widget and then type in your Instagram username.

How to Customize the IG feed

Indicate the number of photos you would like to see in the widget and select their size.

by default the plugin prints this shortcode:

[instagram-feed num=6 cols=6 imagepadding=0 showbutton=false showfollow=false showheader=false]

as you can see by changing the numbers or true and false you can easily modify your feed.

Further information on how to modify the shortcode can be found on Instagram feed > Display your feed

Make sure to save changes when you are finished.